Volunteer Archive

Mar/Apr 2013
Paul Mathews 

One of the original, charter members of Martin Andersen Senior Center, Paul Mathews joined the Choral Group in September of 1983. He is still active with the Choral Group, sometimes singing solo with his strong voice at the age of 97! Born January 14, 1916, in Dickson, PA, Paul grew up in the Depression years. When he was 18 he worked with the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC) with the Parks in New Mexico for three years.

He then joined the Army in WWII, serving five years, three of which were in combat. In 1942 Paul was sent to North Africa and Italy as a Tank Commander with an Armored Tank Division under General Wayne Clark. Soon after his squad took over Rome, he had a chest shrapnel injury for which he received the Purple Heart. Paul rejoined his outfield on the front in Italy and fought to Austria when Germany surrendered. Going home was quite an adventure for he took short airplane hops, first to Casablanca, then North Africa to Brazil, New Guinea and finally Ft Bliss, TX. By train it took five days to return home to PA. Last year he received a ‘Croix De Guerre’ medal from France for his WWII service.

Following the war, Paul decided to look for work in New York City. He was hired in the Parks Service and worked there for 25 years. After retiring, Paul moved to Rockledge in 1971. His passion is Scrabble and he is a champion player. Thank you, Paul, for your continued service in the MA Senior Chorus.



Jan/Feb 2013
 Lou Hodgeman

Born in Covington, KY, May 29, 1933, Lou Hodgeman was raised around the area of Cincinnati, OH until he was 17. Then Lou enlisted in the Army. His tour of duty included two years in Germany. After his service was over in 1953, he lived in Jersey City, NJ. He worked in the Christ Hospital where he met Lucille Kenyon who worked there also. On their first date at the company Christmas Party, Lou asked Lucille to be his girl. They were married three weeks later.

Lou and Lucille were together for forty-four years, until Lucille passed away in 2006. Lou has 4 children, 9 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and 2 more on the way! At Martin Andersen Senior Center, Lou has been a member since 1999 and has worked as a volunteer for the past eight years. He has served on the Board of Directors and now volunteers on the hospitality desk on Wednesday mornings.  He loves pro football (a Giants fan) and plays canasta.


Nov/Dec 2012
Blanche Martin

Born on Thanksgiving Day in New York City, Blanche  Martin’s mother told her that the turkey brought her--not the stork. After schooling she worked at Roosevelt Field, Long Island, NY as an inspector for the new P47 aircraft. In 1944 during WWII she went by train with her packed wedding dress to marry her intended, Richard Martin, in Lawson Field, Georgia. Because so many soldiers were getting married before being sent to the war, a restriction was declared. Blanche and Richard went to an information station in Phoenix City, AL, where they were married, but in the red dress she was in and not her wedding dress. She worked for 2 years at Lawson Field as a secretary.

After WWII ended, Richard remained in the reserves, so he was called back to the Korean Conflict. Blanche followed him throughout his career and worked at the places where he was stationed. They had 3 children and one dog. Once they were in Germany with the entire family where she worked at the base. They ended up at Patrick AFB when Richard retired.

Blanche has been involved for 23 years at Martin Andersen Senior Center, teaching exercise classes, tap dancing in many shows and volunteering at the front desk. She has been a member of our Board of Directors since 1995, serving as the Secretary of the Board for the past three years.