Martin Andersen Senior Center -Officers

President - Marcie Cummings

Vice President -  DJ Olson


The Board of Martin Andersen Senior Center met on October 26, 2020
and has decided that we are not ready to re-open at this time.

Martin Andersen will not be re-opening this year.

The board will meet again in early January to discuss potential options.

No one can decorate at MASC without permission from the director
We have received two fines for false alarms
Any fines will be passed on the group causing the fine

Martin Andersen Senior Center
Needs Volunteers!!
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Watch for your monthly newsletter.  Note: no schedule will be included with the Newsletter. 
This Schedule will only be sent if there is a change. 
So post the schedule on your refrigerator or place it where you will have it. 
If you need a new schedule stop by the front desk in Building #1.

We can always access the schedule at our website. Click Here To View Schedule



MASC Membership is still working toward

our 1,000th Member.

Sorry for the mix up



Welcome to the Martin Andersen Senior Center. We have a variety of activities on-going every week day. Check our schedule of daily activities and upcoming special events to find something that interests you. Membership is open to any person who is at least 50 years of age and a resident of Brevard County. The membership fee is just $20.00 a year. This covers the cost of preparing and mailing the bi-monthly newsletter.
If you are interested in an activity that is not listed, please let us know. We are always interested in new ideas or suggestions that may add to the programs we offer.

We invite you to stop in and tour our facility and pick up a copy of the latest newsletter. Our friendly staff of volunteers will bee happy to introduce you to Martin Andersen Senior Center.